The national partner Escan from Spain participated in the annual national congress of Nearly Zero Energy Building (EECN) in Madrid to disseminate and further discuss QualDeEPC outputs with the expert audience. The EECN is the main professional meeting forum in which to address the current state of high efficiency buildings and the implications they represent for the building, construction, architecture, and related services sector in Spain (videos and further information on EECN).

Together with the congress organizers the Tecma Red Groupe, the inauguration was carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Buildings. The congress focused on the decarbonization of building as a lever to reactivate the sector itself via new construction and rehabilitation. With this comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, the speakers and audience came from all sectors relevant for building and rehabilitation, e.g. public and property administration, colleges and universities of architects, engineers, builders, technology centers, manufacturers of materials and equipment, energy companies.

The publication of the EECN congress book includes the main activities and presentations as well as international projects like QualDeEPC and other installations who were presented during the interactive sessions. Escan elaborated the QualDeEPC paper with conclusions about the main EPC improvements developed after the first round of the national workshops. The publication has been carried out and distributed with more than 1.500 copies.

The Green Paper will be presented in the next round of workshops in January 2021. During the Spanish workshop, the participating stakeholders can provide their comments and input mainly on recommendations of energy efficiency measures for renovations and enhanced EPCs.

For further information and interest in participation in the 2nd round of the Spanish QualDeEPC workshop please contact Escan.