High-quality Energy Performance Assessment and Certification in Europe Accelerating Deep Energy Renovation

Public project deliverables

will be made available here throughout the project.

WP1: Management & Coordination

D1.6 Data Management Plan
This plan provides information concerning the meta data that will be collected and used by project partners.

WP2: Analysis of current practice and priorities for next-generation EPCs

D2.1 Report on local EPC situation and cross-country comparison matrix
The report presents a detailed analysis of the potential enhanced EPC elements as well as a cross-country comparison matrix. All partners conducted bilateral interviews with the major actors in the EPC procedures, including executive bodies on EPC at regional and/or national level. For countries not represented in the consortium, specific literature research has been conducted.
This report has the purpose to create a common vision for an improved EPC scheme and serves as a basis for the Development Strategy Plan (D2.4), and WP3, the development of enhanced EPC schemes.
D2.3 Report on EPC short-comings and national priority approaches to their resolution
This report provides an analyses of the gaps and shortcomings in the current EPC schemes in the QualDeEPC country partner and national priority approaches to their resolution. All partner countries have organized stakeholder workshops discussing potential options for enhancing the existing EPC schemes. The discussions were incorporated in the results.
D2.4 Development Strategy Plan for the development of next generation EPC schemes
This document presents the Development Strategy Plan, which will be guiding the development of next-generation EPC schemes in WP3.
D2.4 also encompasses the country situation and needs as found by the consortium partners in Task 2.3, where the gaps and shortcomings in the current EPC schemes in the QualDeEPC country partners, and national priority approaches to their resolution were analysed.

WP3: Development of enhanced EPC schemed

D3.1 Green paper on good practice in EPC assessment, certification, and use
The deliverable provides further analysis, policy proposals and draft descriptions of tools on the seven areas that the project has identified as its priorities for the development of enhanced EPC schemes (see also D2.4). For each topic, the situations in the partner countries are evaluated, best practice examples are described and cross-national measures for improvements are suggested.
D3.4 Report on feedback from Workshops
This report presents the feedback from Task 3.4 ‘Dialogue on the Green paper and Concepts’. It provides a summary on each national workshop collecting the Stakeholder feedback for the proposed policies, tools and concepts of the Green paper on good practice in EPC assessment, certification, and use, as well as the feedback of the EU workshop.

WP4: Testing the applicability through pilot cases

WP5: Roadmap to convergence and action towards deep renovation

WP6: Dissemination & Communication

D6.1 Project Website
The report describes the website created for external and internal communication about and on the project. The website represents QualDeEPC’s primary method of communication with external stakeholders and the wider public.

WP7: Sustainability strategy and policy dialogue