Data on energy performance of buildings are precious for accelerating the EU renovation wave. Considered as a first tool to trigger action, Energy Performance Certification has gained a lot of attention lately, with projects working on making their assessment and use more efficient, developing their data accessibility with intelligence, and exploring convergence among the different national EPC schemes. What can we take out from some of these projects?

On June 15th, 2022, FEDARENE co-organised with EREN a session dedicated to energy performance certification (EPC) and digitalisation of building’s data featuring three projects: QualDeEPC, CrossCERT, and MATRYCS. As part of the FEDARENE General Assemblies that took place in León, Spain, the event welcomed about 60 participants from 40 different organisations across Europe.

The session started with an introduction to CrossCERT, where the University of Zaragoza advocated for having common assessment methods in EPCs around Europe to ensure to all European citizens that their house has the energy performance label they deserve. ESCAN followed up with QualDeEPC and its online tool ( designed to guide homeowners in their decision to renovate their buildings deeply. This online tool is one of the policy recommendations drafted by the project, presented in a video by the Wuppertal Institute. The session closed with an overview of the MATRYCS project, which aims to become an energy marketplace of big data and services in the building
sector. The project has 11 large-scale pilots, including one on Energy Performance Certificates.

The intense session let participants go beyond the technicalities of energy data in buildings to discuss how the EPC, as a tool, can encourage deep home renovation.

Presentations displayed during the event