In May/June 2022, the consortium partners from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Spain and Sweden each host the third round of national workshops with the National Expert Foras (NEF). The aim of this round of workshops is to gain feedback from experienced practitioners on the elaborated concepts of enhanced EPC schemes.

A variety of stakeholders, such as energy consultants and auditors, EPC-practitioners, national and regional policy makers, energy experts, and representatives from finance and economic sectors, energy agencies and centres, building manager associations participate in the national workshops.
During the workshops, several proposals and tools elaborated throughout the project were discussed. The objective behind is the potential introduction of them into processes and regulations for certification and energy renovation of buildings.
The results and expert opinions from the workshops will be incorporated into the further design and final implementation of the QualDeEPC project, which is heading towards the end of its duration in February 2023. Identified priorities for improvement of existing EPC schemes are implemented at the national level in cooperation with the responsible authorities as far as possible, and additionally, they are to be made comparable at EU level.

As the covid situations as well as regulations differ among the partner countries, the 3rd workshops are held either in person, hybrid or digital. Here are some exemplary impressions of our 3rd round of national workshops: