In session three of the 4th Concerted Action for the Energy Performance of Buildings (CA-EPBD) plenary meeting, three Horizon 2020 projects dealing with next-generation of Energy Performance Assessment and Certification presented their approaches and strategies. As co-ordinator of QualDeEPC, Dr. Stefan Thomas from the Wuppertal Institute was invited to present the project to the official representatives of the EU Member States and their consultants.

The Concerted Action EPBD – Enabling the implementation of the Energy Performance of Building Directive aims to contribute to a reduction of energy use in buildings via knowledge exchange, including plenary meetings like this event, and best practices in energy efficiency and energy savings. It is a joint initiative between the EU Member States and the European Union and involves representatives of national ministries or their affiliated institutions.

The three projects presented their current findings and draft proposals and tools for improving the EPC calculation methods, adding innovative indicators, improving renovation recommendations towards deep energy renovation, improving the user-friendliness of the EPC form and the information provided on it, and innovative use of EPC data and supportive tools. The participants stressed the need to connect and streamline the proposals and tools in the end, to keep the oversight and avoid any potential confusion or even contradiction. A question from the audience was what would be needed to support EU Member States to implement future schemes, for example technical assistance, peer learning, maybe even financial assistance?

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