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ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN THE BUILDING SECTOR Considering that 40% of the European Union’s energy consumption can be traced back to its buildings, it is essential to improve their energy efficiency to achieve the EU’s energy efficiency targets. Both the rate of energy renovation and its depth, i.e., the amount of energy savings during a renovation,

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Contribution of QualDeEPC to the Plenary Meeting of the CA EPBD


In session three of the 4th Concerted Action for the Energy Performance of Buildings (CA-EPBD) plenary meeting, three Horizon 2020 projects dealing with next-generation of Energy Performance Assessment and Certification presented their approaches and strategies. As co-ordinator of QualDeEPC, Dr. Stefan Thomas from the Wuppertal Institute was invited to present the project to the official

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QualdeEPC participates in the congress of nZEB


The national partner Escan from Spain participated in the annual national congress of Nearly Zero Energy Building (EECN) in Madrid to disseminate and further discuss QualDeEPC outputs with the expert audience. The EECN is the main professional meeting forum in which to address the current state of high efficiency buildings and the implications they represent

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QualDeEPC at iBRoad project final conference


The EU Renovation Wave aims to double the EU's annual energy renovation rate by 2030 to reduce emissions, boost economic recovery and reduce energy poverty. The iBRoad project has provided and tested Building Renovation Passports and Building Logbooks for a deep renovation of buildings. The project’s final conference on November 24th was a public event,

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Green paper on good practice in EPC assessment, certification, and use


The QualDeEPC project aims to improve the practical implementation of the assessment, issuance, design, and use of EPCs as well as their renovation recommendations, in the examined countries Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Latvia, Hungary, Spain and Sweden and beyond. With the new deliverable D3.1 Green paper on good practice in EPC assessment, certification, and use QualDeEPC

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New German Buildings Energy Act


The new Buildings Energy Act (GEG) comes into force 1st November 2020. The law will replace the three previous acts, Energy Saving Act (EnEG), Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) and Renewable-Energies-Heat Act (EEWärmeG) to harmonise and update the legislation concerning energy in buildings in Germany. The new GEG contains requirements for the energy performance of buildings,

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QualDeEPC consortium welcomes new partner BME


Learn more about the partner in our 3-minute Q&A with... Ph.D. Tamás Csoknyai, Head of Department Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Building Services and Process Engineering   What is the role of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as a project partner of QualDeEPC? Our department has been involved in the

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Third QualDeEPC project meeting


Between September to October, QualDeEPC has held its 3rd project meeting over the course of five sessions. Due to the covid-19 pandemic the meetings were held as virtual events but the consortium’s strong commitment to contribute to discussions and to collaborate was still tangible, setting the further steps for the successful realisation of the project:

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Recap: One year of QualDeEPC


QualDeEPC has completed one third of its duration, time to take a brief look at the (interim) results and activities of the first project year: In October 2019, the QualDeEPC consortium representing ten institutions from eight countries held its kick-off meeting in Brussels, Belgium. During interactive and fruitful workshop sessions the 20 attendees did not

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Enhancing EPC schemes in Europe to inform about deep energy renovation


QualDeEPC’s Development Strategy Plan defines seven priorities QualDeEPC is currently finalising the project Work Package on the analysis of current practice and priorities for next-generation EPC’s (WP2). The main objective behind the tasks of WP2 is to lay an evidence-based foundation for the development of the enhanced EPC schemes and thereby indirectly for the testing,

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