Cross-assessment and convergence of energy performance certification and building’s digitalisation


Data on energy performance of buildings are precious for accelerating the EU renovation wave. Considered as a first tool to trigger action, Energy Performance Certification has gained a lot of attention lately, with projects working on making their assessment and use more efficient, developing their data accessibility with intelligence, and exploring convergence among the

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QualDeEPC’s 3rd round of national Workshops


In May/June 2022, the consortium partners from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Spain and Sweden each host the third round of national workshops with the National Expert Foras (NEF). The aim of this round of workshops is to gain feedback from experienced practitioners on the elaborated concepts of enhanced EPC schemes. A variety of

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New German Buildings Energy Act


The new Buildings Energy Act (GEG) comes into force 1st November 2020. The law will replace the three previous acts, Energy Saving Act (EnEG), Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) and Renewable-Energies-Heat Act (EEWärmeG) to harmonise and update the legislation concerning energy in buildings in Germany. The new GEG contains requirements for the energy performance of buildings,

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QualDeEPC consortium welcomes new partner BME


Learn more about the partner in our 3-minute Q&A with... Ph.D. Tamás Csoknyai, Head of Department Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Building Services and Process Engineering   What is the role of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as a project partner of QualDeEPC? Our department has been involved in the

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Third QualDeEPC project meeting


Between September to October, QualDeEPC has held its 3rd project meeting over the course of five sessions. Due to the covid-19 pandemic the meetings were held as virtual events but the consortium’s strong commitment to contribute to discussions and to collaborate was still tangible, setting the further steps for the successful realisation of the project:

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Recap: One year of QualDeEPC


QualDeEPC has completed one third of its duration, time to take a brief look at the (interim) results and activities of the first project year: In October 2019, the QualDeEPC consortium representing ten institutions from eight countries held its kick-off meeting in Brussels, Belgium. During interactive and fruitful workshop sessions the 20 attendees did not

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Enhancing EPC schemes in Europe to inform about deep energy renovation


QualDeEPC’s Development Strategy Plan defines seven priorities QualDeEPC is currently finalising the project Work Package on the analysis of current practice and priorities for next-generation EPC’s (WP2). The main objective behind the tasks of WP2 is to lay an evidence-based foundation for the development of the enhanced EPC schemes and thereby indirectly for the testing,

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Catalysing the EU Renovation Wave in the transition to the next-generation Energy Performance Certificates How QualDeEPC and its two sister projects approach the development of enhanced EPC schemes On June 30 from 13:30 – 15:00, U-CERT, X-tendo and QualDeEPC are collaboratively presenting the challenges and solutions of current processes behind building energy performance certificate

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Priorities for enhanced EPC schemes discussed at QualDeEPC’s digital project meeting


Between the 30th March and 1st April 2020 the second project meeting of the QualDeEPC partners was supposed to be held in Athens, Greece. Due to the global outbreak of the corona virus, such gatherings and travels have been cancelled. Therefore, the project coordinator, Wuppertal Institut, has organised this event to be held digitally.

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Project management and proceedings during COVID-19


In view of the corona pandemic, national and international funding agencies have taken measures to respond to the limitations in research related work and project management. The European Commission provides information here on relevant announcements and deadline extensions, which are updated on an ongoing basis. The partners of QualDeEPC are experiencing covid-19 related obstacles,

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