As a side event prior to the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), REHVA, BPIE, FEDARENE and Sympraxis, hosted by the BuildUp Portal, brought up the members of the Next Gen EPCerts H 2020 cluster of projects on 14 October 2021. In a lively and informative moderated panel discussion between the representatives of the projects with two short keynote speeches by DG ENER and BPIE, the opportunities for EU Member States and in particular for decision makers and influencers of the EPBD revision process were discussed.

After a welcome and introduction by Frank Hovorka, the President of REHVA, the representatives of DG ENER, Pau Garcia Audi, and BPIE, Mariangiola Fabbri, held their keynote speeches.

The following representatives of the 11 ongoing Next Gen EPCerts H2020 cluster participated in the panel discussion:

  • Stefan Thomas,QualDeEPC
  • Andrei Litiu,U-CERT
  • Lukas Kranzl,X-tendo
  • Panagiota Chatzipanagiotidou,D^2EPC
  • Michal Pomianowski,E-DYCE
  • Maria Fernandez Boneta,ePANACEA
  • Olivier Greslou,EPC RECAST
  • Norberto Fueyo,crossCert
  • Peter Gyuris,EUB SuperHub
  • Alexander Deliyannis,iBRoad2EPC
  • Leandro Madrazo,TIMEPAC

The closing remarks were held by Marie-Laure Falque-Masset, Vice-President of FEDARENE.

Watch the whole event here.