At the end of September 2021, the Sustainable Places Hybrid Conference, hosted in Rome, took place. In the Hybrid Workshop on 29 September 2021, the members of the Next Gen EPCerts H2020 cluster joined forces with the SmartBuilt4EU team to support the European Commission and Member States in the upcoming national SRI tests and the further development of the SRI Method C. Another topic was ensuring a coherent energy performance framework for buildings so that all tools such as energy performance certificates (EPCs), digital building logbooks, renovation roadmaps and passports work together smoothly.

The main objective is to maximise quality, utility and effectiveness, building on existing structures in an open and convergent approach. This will support the digital transformation of the EU building stock and contribute to the achievement of a carbon neutral building stock by 2050.

The main outcome of the workshop was to use the ongoing actions in the next steps of the implementation and further development of SRI, as well as the way they are embedded in the toolkit (EPCs, etc.), for the benefit of the EU climate and energy targets.

Watch the whole event here.