The QualDeEPC project has launched

In October 2019, the QualDeEPC consortium met in Brussels, Belgium, for the first time at the kick-off meeting. There were about 20 representatives from the 10 institutions involved in the consortium from Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Spain, Sweden.
QualDeEPC aims to increase the quality and cross-EU convergence of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) schemes, and to enhance the link between EPCs and deep renovation. Read more about QualDeEPC here.
In the two-day meeting, moderated by the coordinator, Wuppertal Institut, at the headquarters of the partner Fedarene, the technical aspects of the project were initially discussed, after which each major topic of the project was presented. All partners engaged in the discussion on individual roles of potential stakeholders, their engagement and capabilities. Strong emphasis was also placed on the effective communication of the project and the building of networks and a QualDeEPC community to ensure a sustainable future of the outputs.

Workshop sessions detailing energy consumption in buildings, the QualDeEPC methodology as well as the scope of communication activities engaged all partners in a lively discussion about the path forward of QualDeEPC. The strong cooperation within the consortium was encouraging, setting the stage for a great start and successful realisation of the project.
QualDeEPC will run for 36 months, from September 2019 to August 2022.