On 25 January 2021, the QualDeEPC project held its EU-level expert workshop: Next generation Energy Performance Certificates and Deep Renovation to discuss with important EU stakeholders the proposals developed in the Green paper on good practice in EPC assessment, certification, and use.

Focusing on the link between EPCs and the EU renovation wave, participants could benefit from a broad overview of currently ongoing H2020 projects on EPC improvements and their European comparability, thanks to the presentation of Olav Luyckx, from EASME, and the importance of EPCs in the renovation wave strategy of the EU that Pau García Audi, from DG ENER, explained in his slides.

The Panel discussions provided a great arena to discuss topics like the reliability of EPC schemes in terms of calculations, assessors, implementations of the regulations and, the big question of the harmonization of EPC across the EU, just to name a few, with the following panelists: Céline Carré, from EuroACE and Saint-Gobain, Lukas Kranzl, from TU Vienna as representative of the X-tendo project, and the two project partners Margarita Puente, from ESCAN, and Stephanie Veselá, from dena (German Energy Agency). This variety of profiles allowed for constructive exchanges and different points of view from the private, the political, and the academic sectors.

This workshop, together with the national workshops organized in Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Spain, and Sweden, coupled with the result of the pilot sites will be used as a basis for the publication of a White Paper on good practice in EPC assessment, certification, and use. To stay informed about the project’s progress, subscribe to the newsletter or keep an eye on the project’s social media channels: Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn.



text by Clémence Pricken, FEDARENE