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Ventilation challenges in a changing world

In 2022 the Air Inflitration and Ventilation Centre organizes its first international conference since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore the conference organizers want to pay specific attention to the role of ventilation and infiltration in building decarbonization,and improvement of indoor air quality including epidemic preparedness.

How can design, construction and renovation practices, innovative and digital technologies help in today’s challenges? This is the context defining the core theme of the joint 42nd AIVC,10th TightVent and 8th venticool Conference:“Ventilation Challenges in a Changing World.

The conference will consist of 3 parallel sessions largely devoted to:

  • Smart ventilation, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and health
  • Building and ductwork airtightness
  • Ventilative cooling – Resilient cooling

Here you can find out more about the conference topics.

Here you can register for the event and view the programme.



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