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UF22: Europe’s leading event to make cities sustainable

Helsingborg is the host of Urban Future 22 because it’s one of Europe’s most innovative cities, making sustainable transformation happen (almost) at the speed of light. H22 City Expo is the world’s largest city expo focusing exclusively on innovation and sustainability. Running from May 30 to July 3 this spectacular show features more than 400 single events, experiences, exhibitions, and trips for all ages.

Urban Future is proud to kick of the first week of H22 City Expo with a particular international focus.

H22 is a major city-wide innovation initiative by Helsingborg and its citizens to develop the city of the future.

It is aimed at solving the numerous sustainability challenges while improving quality of life.

It’s about the journey towards becoming a sustainable city, and a massive collaboration effort between citizens, businesses and the municipality.

At this event there will be more than 1 million visitors at the 35-day international event between May 30 – July 3, 2022 that will showcase the most amazing innovation and sustainable solutions from around the world, using Helsingborg as a test bed.

See more details of the programme here.

Follow this link for more informations about the host city.


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