Recent Advances in Concrete Technology and Sustainability Issues (RACTSI 2022)

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The Organizing Committee announces that the 15th International Conference on “Recent Advances in Concrete Technology and Sustainability Issues” will be postponed to July 13-15!

This conference is the fifteen in a series of conferences on advances in concrete technology. The first was held in Athen, Greece in 1992, the second in Las Vegas, USA in 1995 and the third in Auckland, New Zealand in 1997. The aim of this fifteenth conference is to continue to transfer, as widely as possible, the most recent developments in concrete technology and sustainability issues.

The working language of the Workshop will be English, which will be used for all presentations and printed materials.

Some of the main topics are:

  • Sustainable issues and CO2 emissions
  • New concrete coating materials
  • Recycled and artificial aggregates
  • High performance concrete
  • Durability and corrosion, service life prediction and life-cycle analysis

Note: The registration for the RACTSI 2022 Conference is no longer available since they received the maximum amount of registrations.

You can find the program of the event here.

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