International Conference Energy, Fuel and Environment (EFE 2022)

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International Conference 20th to 23rd September, Krakow, Poland

The second edition of the International Conference Energy, Fuel and Environment (EFE 2022) will be held 20/09/2022–23/09/2022 in hybrid mode. The Conference proceedings: oral presentations and poster sessions will be conducted at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Poland and transmitted simultaneously online.

The goal of the second International Conference Energy, Fuels, Environment 2022 (EFE 2022), organised by AGH University of Science and Technology and Cracow Technology University (PK) is to raise awareness of interdisciplinary challenges in fuels and energy on the international forum, as well as environmental issues related to the identification of new pollutants and the development of monitoring methods.

The aim of the EFE 2022 conference is: emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of scientific research in energy, fuel technologies and monitoring of the natural environment;

2. to establish and strengthen contacts and exchange experiences on the international forum on the issues of commercial and distributed energy, hydrogen technologies and their importance for low-emission economy methods of energy storage and recovery, economics and energy management.

Some key topics of EFE 2022 are:

HYDROGEN: Hydrogen production, storage and applications.

ENERGY: Power and heat technologies; efficiency and innovation in the energy sector; intelligent energy management systems; nuclear energy; renewable energy technologies, energy storage and harvesting.

HEALTH: Direct and indirect impact of the energy sector on health, threats to health, internal climate, safety and comfort in rooms.

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